Cat condo for large cats

Cat condo for large cats

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Cat condo for large cats in downtown San Diego.

The San Diego City Council has voted 5-1 in favor of adding a “cat condo” to the City’s downtown entertainment district. It’s also a step toward removing the “no pet policy” at several popular restaurants in the area.

The City Council vote to remove the “no pets” policy at the Tijuana Room, Chowder’s, Kona Grill, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casa Bonita.

The decision on the Tijuana Room is still pending.

City officials say they want to see how business goes before removing the policy from all businesses.

The city is hoping the cat condo will draw in more people to the downtown entertainment district.

There will be a public hearing at the next city council meeting on December 5th.

On the eve of Thanksgiving weekend, a local family had their plans for a fun weekend ruined when the dog of one of the family members attacked and killed their beloved golden retriever.

“He was my whole world. When I lost him I fell to my knees. I just wanted to cry. I just felt so bad,” said Debbie Ruppel of the dog who was named Max.

The Ruppel’s dog had just been adopted a couple of weeks earlier. The Ruppel’s told Fox 5 San Diego that they got Max at the Animal Shelter and knew nothing about any problems.

“He was such a good dog. If he was in your house and he was hungry or thirsty he would never go on the couch. He was always in a box and he was just a wonderful dog,” said the owner, Debbie Ruppel.

But Max had no respect for other dogs.

“Max was a big dog and he’s a bully and that’s who he is,” said Debbie Ruppel.

Max was neutered but the family says he was never vaccinated. The Ruppel’s say the veterinarian never asked about previous vaccinations. The Ruppel’s also say that the vet had never seen the dog before and it seems to be the first time she ever saw Max.

“He was a big, big puppy and he was about a year old. He weighed about 50 lbs. and he was beautiful,” said the owner.

After the attack, Max was rushed to the animal hospital and given a tetanus shot but the family says it’s clear that Max never received the vaccine. The family is also not sure how Max was allowed to roam the neighborhood.

The family has a lawyer and is hoping to get compensation for the family’s dog but they’ve been unable to get a lawyer until after the holidays.

According to the city of San Diego, San Diego is home to the largest and most diverse population of stray and free-roaming cats in the United States.

There are an estimated 100,000-plus cats living on the streets of the city.

San Diego has tried for years to solve the problem of feral cats. A major study was conducted in 2010 and the city found that it costs the average San Diego cat owner nearly $250 a year to care for a cat. The study found that about 25 percent of the cat colonies had no one available to care for them.

Last year, the City of San Diego passed the first of three pieces of legislation that would allow the city to tackle the problem. The first of these laws gives the city the authority to set up a cat containment unit to help deal with the problem of feral cats.

The legislation also sets a goal to reduce the number of stray cats in the city by 20 percent over the next five years.

The second piece of legislation passed in November makes it easier for people to adopt stray cats. The third piece of legislation that the city council passed would allow the city to seize and take control of problem colonies. The city estimates that it would cost $1 million to set up and staff the facilities.

If you see a stray cat in the area of the City of San Diego you can call the city hotline at 888-CATS-911 or visit the City of San Diego website at

You can also find a list of cat-friendly restaurants and stores in the city.

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