Fluoxetine for dogs dosage

Fluoxetine for dogs dosage

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Fluoxetine for dogs dosage

Fluoxetine for dogs dosage

I can't believe that I am actually trying to be like this, but I just can't seem to do anything.I am on Day 3 of my 28 Day Challenge.My husband gave me a list of things that my dog "needs" and I tried to do one thing at a time, but sometimes I just can't get past it, and I am starting to lose confidence.Day 1: I started this for 28 days, so I am supposed to be doing this for about 2-3 weeks, when I get to the last day, do I continue to just let her be, do I feed her, etc? I don't want to upset her with something she doesn't need, and I just feel really overwhelmed.My husband told me to do one thing at a time and take care of her, one day at a time and the next day when you start the next thing. I am wondering if this is the way to go.

What I am trying to do, at least at this point is:

Dogs need to be groomed daily.

She goes to the dog park on her own. She has already been twice.

She is learning to bark on command.

She loves having a "job" in the house. She loves to fetch a tennis ball and bring it back and then fetch it again.

Dogs need to be bathed daily.

She gets groomed at home.

She can handle some basic grooming.

I know there is more. My husband is working with me on this and I know that eventually we will get her to be able to stay clean.

I have a dog who I know I need to keep on medication for, but I don't know how to get him on it.I'm not sure how much to give him (it's for anxiety) and I want to make sure he's taking it as directed. Any suggestions?

In terms of "when do I stop", that's like what people say about their diet plans. You don't stop a diet plan once you reach your goal weight. You keep it up so you can keep off the weight.

Same with your pet. That's like saying, "Okay, we've got him clean, so we don't have to wash him every day, but from here on out, we're still going to keep him clean." Of course, you're probably going to be keeping up with bathing him regularly, but I know it doesn't do any good to stop now. I think the question really comes down to how closely you want to monitor him. If you want to make sure he's bathing regularly, keep on doing it. If you want to only have to give him a bath once in a while, do that.

The dog park sounds like fun. Do you take her there with you? That would be a good way to have her socialize. I agree that the more socialization and exercise she has, the easier she'll be on medication. It sounds like she doesn't do well around other dogs, though, so I'm sure she needs even more socialization before she can be completely comfortable around them.

Thanks for your responses. Yeah, she's in the dog park sometimes with me, and I've even seen her with my neighbors. I guess I didn't consider the fact that she's already socializing with me. I do feel she's going to have to be socialized more, though. She doesn't really like dogs, and she was on medicine before I even adopted her, so we don't have a solid history to go on.

I guess the best advice I have for me personally would be for me to continue to keep an eye on her. I can't keep checking up on her every day, but I guess that's what I'm trying to do right now. Afterall, my dog's health is more important than anything else.

When I had to switch from Ceph to Cephalexin for a bladder infection (the Vet told me to switch my dog to the antibiotic for the infection instead of the urine test since the antibiotic could take longer to work in the case of a UTI), it took my 3 month old two weeks to finally get up to a urine test reading of zero. Cephalexin took an extremely long time to start working and then just took over a month of the stuff to clear up everything (I had to leave a 3 month old on the drug for 2 weeks straight).

If your Vet says he knows your dog's history, and he wants to change something on the Meds, it's his medical call and you can't make him do it.

"The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't so."- G. Barry O'Dell, Ph.D.

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